Guitar and Bass Repair

Guitar Help’s primary area of service is guitar and bass repair. Our standardized, thorough 13-step diagnostic process lets us pick up any flaws an instrument might have. We use the latest technology and tools, and we guarantee the highest quality of service regardless of the value of your instrument.

Service time frame

Orders are usually completed within 2 to 4 working days. Express orders are ready the next day, while VIP Express orders are completed the same day. Each instrument is given the necessary time and attention. Quick service is possible thanks to advanced technological solutions and our standardized process. High quality and quick service is our motto. We don’t hold on to our clients’ instruments any longer than necessary, because we know just how hard it is to be separated from your favorite guitar or bass.

Professional service

Guitar Help is a professional guitar repair and customization shop in downtown Warsaw. Guitar Help is more than just a team of experienced specialists: we offer a completely new quality of service. We guarantee that we will meet our deadlines, and we offer our full involvement and complete understanding of the needs of our clients. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Technology and capabilities

Thanks to our standardized service process and the use of the most cutting-edge fret leveling machine in the country (MDSP2 Pro), our work is now more precise and faster. Guitar Help now has the capacity to perform the following service package on up to 10 guitars per day: fret leveling and a full PROsetup (restringing and locking the strings on the tuning peg, stress testing the strings through stretching, correcting neck relief, filing the nut to fit a particular string gauge, setting the string action and matching the fretboard radius, regulating the pickup height, tightening screw joints, and cleaning and polishing the instrument).

Hygro Sound

A new service for instruments! This procedure promotes even moisture distribution in your instrument through the use of forced vibration in a Hygro Chamber. The treatment increases wood stiffness while reducing its damping ratio, both of which have a beneficial effect on the sound of an instrument. 120 hours in the Hygro Chamber improves an instrument’s sustain by up to 15%!
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The Necktester by Guitar Help

NOW AVAILABLE! The Necktester is a tool specially designed by Guitar Help to find your instrument’s optimal neck relief. The tool lets you check and set the curve on your guitar or bass neck with a precision of 0.001 mm! Temperature, humidity, shipping, and changing wood characteristics will never be a problem again. All you need to do is apply the Necktester to the neck of your instrument to correct a flat or convex neck in a matter of minutes. The result: Guitar Help service standards in the comfort of your own home!
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Guitar + Repair = Guitar Help

As the old rock’n’roll saying goes, "Play the guitar and you won’t grow old." We agree completely, and our work is inspired by another motto: “We make people happier by improving their beloved instruments, and happy people live much longer.”

Customers reviews

"Passion, innovation, and straight-up proper craftsmanship: that’s what Guitar Help is all about."

Jan Benedek

Piers Moore
A big thanks to Guitar Help for the brilliant job they have just completed on my humble old Squier Stratocaster copy.. I can honestly say a trip to Guitar Help also makes economic sense, I have compared my guitar to a far, far more expensive American-made model and mine has a better action, plus is easier to bend notes on and it has better intonation.


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