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    Każdy instrument traktujemy z uwagą, bez względu na jego markę i cenę

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    Poprawiamy nie tylko funkcjonalność instrumentów ale także ich właściwości akustyczne

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    Serwisowane przez nas instrumenty lepiej brzmią i łatwiej się na nich gra

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    Każdy instrument traktujemy z uwagą, bez względu na jego markę i cenę

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    Poprawiamy nie tylko funkcjonalność instrumentów ale także ich właściwości akustyczne


Sanitation procedures at Guitar Help

Protecting our clients and their instruments is our top priority. Our customer service procedures follow the guidelines issued by the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station and the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate. Guitar Help disinfects instruments using an ozone chamber, the only method that is safe for the finish, parts and accessories. It is guaranteed to thoroughly sanitize the instrument without the use of substances that dull the polished surfaces of guitars and bass guitars, and without exposing delicate layers of varnish to UV radiation.

Scope of services

We provide services that are tailored the needs of our clients. Our list of services corresponds to the most commonly occurring problems. Prices vary depending on the type and condition of the instrument. Allow 4–6 business days. Our high-tech, standardized process keeps service time to a minimum. We don’t hold on to our clients’ instruments any longer than necessary.


Team of experienced electronic engineers

Guitar Help is the only instrument repair shop in Poland that offers professional diagnostics and repair of circuitry in instruments and amplifiers, performed by our team of experienced electronic engineers. We eliminate humming by rewiring circuits (hum-canceling) and shielding them with an EMR layer. Repairs and maintenance of protected circuits (active pickups and preamps) are carried out according to ESD standards, preventing any accidental damage caused by electrostatic discharge.


Hygro™: Controlled Humidity

Guitar Help is the only instrument repair shop in Poland that offers Hygro™, a non-invasive procedure that undoes the sound degradation and structural deformation that occurs in instruments when they are dried out by winter heating. Hygro™ restores a dried-out instrument to its previous condition, fixing string buzz, neck warping, sunken soundboards, and loose bridges. Hygro™ may prevent the need for more invasive repairs, saving you time and money.

Customer Reviews


Contact & Address

Guitar Help

Open: Monday - Friday, 10 AM - 7 PM

ul. Sandomierska 23 /52

02-567 Warsaw, Poland

tel. +48 691 441 628
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Customer Reviews

Guitar Help Workshop

Guitar Help offers maintenance and repairs for a range of stringed instruments: acoustic guitars, classical guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, ukuleles, mandolins, banjos and fretless guitars. We also offer wood moisture optimization for bowed string and woodwind instruments in our HygroSound chamber.

Guitar Repair in Warsaw

Guitar Help is a conveniently-located professional guitar repair workshop. It’s easy to reach by metro, bus, tram or car (with free parking on Sandomierska, Starościńska and Rakowiecka street). Guitar Help is the only guitar repair workshop in downtown Warsaw.

Guitar and Bass Repair

The luthiers at Guitar Help have extensive experience in servicing instruments and provide an entirely new level of customer service. We’re fully committed to understanding your needs and providing timely service. Your satisfaction is our number-one goal.

Meet the Guitar Help Team

Customer Satisfaction

Servicing and repairing guitars and basses isn’t just our job: it’s our mission. Your instruments are serviced by a highly-skilled team of luthiers, technicians and electronic engineers. With our many years of experience behind the workbench, the services offered by Guitar Help can increase the value of your musical instrument.
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